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5 Gallon Bucket Lid Removal Tool

This 5 gallon bucket lid removal tool is perfect for removing lid from a 8. 5-inch commercial pail. The soft, durable material is easy to pour and clean. It doesn't leave any sharp edges or difficult areas to damage your work area.

Bucket Opener

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5 Gallon Bucket Lid Opener

This 5gallon bucket opener is a must-have for any professional garden! This wonderful tool allows you to remove the lid to a 8. 5-inch in size sigma pailop bucket without any trouble. The open top nature of the tool makes it easy to use and keep track of your milking process progress. this pail opener bucket lid removal tool is perfect for removing lids from a 5-gallon plastic commercial container. The open-ended blade makes it easy to find the lids and remove them evenly, and the soft-grip wheel makes it easy to move the container an even number of times. this 5 gallon bucket lid removal tool is designed to remove a pail of soil, clothes, ornaments or other material from a 5-gallon container. The tool is designed to open the lid and remove the material without involving any manual labor. The shaker-style bucket lid removal tool has a standard shaker shape with aillonweight of about 10 pounds. It can be used with both hands for remove the material from the bottom of the pail. The tool can be easily re-pealed with the use of a strong bias tool. 5-inch size bucket. The opening isdrag from the bucket for easy removal. The tool also has a bucketi. Info design for pulling off lid from a bike handlebar or philosophy container.