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Antique Copper Firewood Bucket

This large Firewood bucket bin is terrific for bringing Firewood to a room of use, the Antique Copper finish is urban and the indoor log wood holder will keep you and your plants happy.

Log Bucket

This large Firewood bucket bin fireplace Antique Copper finish indoor log wood holder is an enticing surrogate to save energy and save your land from the pain of Firewood combustion, this bucket is manufactured from heavy-duty Copper it renders a log bucket shape with a washtub for drainage and a small hole in the center for handle. The bucket can hold up to 3 1/2" of logs at a time, this large Firewood bucket bin is an excellent addition to your fireplace, and it is again an interesting and Antique Copper finish. The bucket gives a small hole in the top for when you want to store firewood, and it offers a small Firewood holder for facile access to it, the bucket is moreover made from heavy-duty Copper finish, and it is sure to look great. This black Firewood bucket is a top-grade addition to your fireplace or Firewood storage, it is heavy and looks beneficial with any decor. This bucket offers a sterling silver finish and is indoor wood holder, it is a top-notch addition for an unique fireplace or home office. This brass bucket is an enticing way for a person wanting for th century american Firewood bucket, the flared base and hammered Copper brass handle make it a smoothbore gunmetal gray or other light brown or black color. The bucket also includes a few tarnished coins and a few used items, such as a riveted spoon.