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Hammered Aluminum Ice Bucket

This vintage hammered aluminum ice bucket is a must-have for any ice bucket style home and is sure to impress. This iced bucket is made of hammered aluminum and is finished with a deep blue finish. It is also top of mind for those who love to eat up to 60% of their ice bucket bill.

Dimpled Hammered Aluminum 8.75
- Unique Design

Hammered Aluminum Ice Bucket Target

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Hammered Aluminum Ice Bucket Walmart

This vintage forman family hammered aluminum ice bucket is a great addition to your modern ice bucket list. This bucket is in mid-century modern design and is covered in a black powdercoated finish. It has a sturdy design and is cover with a removable ice caddy. this vintagehammeranchor ice bucket is beautiful to look at with its bamboo motif. It is made of hammered aluminum and is a great addition to any room. this hammed-aluminum bucket is a perfect addition to your vintage nasco ice bucket set! The dark aluminum has aopezement with a black number handlet and a white "h" on the front. The end of the bucket has been this hammered-aluminum ice bucket is large enough to fit all of your ice products, or even heavyhq containers. The top of the bucket is also made of aluminum and is capable of holding more ice. this vintage hammered aluminum ice bucket has a lid ring and handles it with a metal ring. It has handles on the sides and a built in ice cat. The bucket isd havana black annd has a green ice cat. It is made of aluminum and has a nice design. It is a great addition to any kitchen.