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Kfc Bucket Sign

The kfc bucket sign light globe is a timeless piece of art that will add a touch of elegance to any home décor. The bucket is made of durable plastic and features a unique design with a kfc logo in the center. This clock-lite bucket is perfect for any kitchen décor.

Top 10 Kfc Bucket Sign

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Kfc Bucket Sign Ebay

This is a fantastic vintagekentucky fried chicken light shade sign basket. It is vintage and in great condition. It is included in the sale. this is a johannesburg-made, kfc bucket sign globe shade sign. It is 2x the size of other signs on kfcs and is made of heavy-grip plastic. It is signed by kfc ceo larry dieolia and has a vintage kentucky fried chicken glass light shade sign written on the top. The shade is in original condition and is about 5" tall. this is a rare 2006-07 kfc bucket kentucky fried chicken vintage bucket wlid smaller size. This bucket is in smaller size and has a kfc lid. It is also in smaller size and has a less visible kfc lid. this is a 1990s kfc bucket sign. It is a classic bucket with a modern design. It is a great addition to any home kitchen.